The end?

Hello friends,

After five years, we're taking a break. Maybe that break will be short-lived, maybe it will stretch forever. But everyone needs a little breather once and a while, and we're taking ours. Our non-fiction editor Jad is off to travel the world, and our invaluable fiction editor Cortney is thriving as a writer, teacher, and soon-to-be mother. That means that, perhaps, this story is drawing to a close. Or we'll all get bored and fire this up again next year.

But these 14 issues have been joys to oversee; I've been able to work with wonderful writers and artists--not just our contributors, but our editors, social media managers, and slush readers as well. I am proud of PINBALL, the stories and art we published, the writers who published their first story with us (including this very issue!), and the excellent writer friends we've made along the way. 

I'm also proud this is our last issue for the time being. It's got humor, pathos, and presidential facts: not a bad way of saying "See you later."

Thanks for reading, and maybe we'll see you again sometime soon. Until then, feel free to paypal us some beer money.


Lucas, Cortney, and Jad