We don't really do theme issues (though you never know), but themes do sometimes make themselves known as an issue slowly emerges from the slush pile. This one, perhaps, could be variations of communication, how it fails, surprises, and opens up new questions we never considered. The friend that falters in Justin Carter's essay, the ignored and misunderstood heroine of Ivy Goodman's chilling story, the mother and son who talk through walls in Tommi Parrish's comic: all these are object lessons in the ways we talk, but still fail, sometimes beautifully, to share ourselves with others.

Among the many things I love about this issue, we have the great honor of introducing Claire Winkler's work to the world. This is her first publication, and we couldn't be happier to share it with you. Likewise, we are thrilled to welcome back Paul Crenshaw (issue 9) to the fold. 

Thanks for coming back, y'all. We hope you like the slightly spiffed up, updated, reinvented PINBALL. Don't forget to send us your best work, buy an ebook to support the game, and please destroy all the boundaries and bad politicians you can.


Lucas (plus Cortney and Jad)