Last week I wrote our contributors, telling them I was going to wait until the election was over to unleash the new PINBALL. It was a cautionary measure. I didn't want their stories, essays, and comic art to be upstaged, overlooked, possibly unread because of the media overload. When I did that, I was, like many, assuming a very different outcome to the U.S. presidential race, one that didn't feel like an unraveling of the world. 

But that was not what happened. Now, we are reeling from what only clichés can describethe punched guts, the dropped jawsand are left with a world spinning uncentered. 

But: We continue. We persevere. You continue. I continue. PINBALL continues. I read these stories, essays, and comics and my heart swells. That's not nothing. Maybe these works are small tokens to the fight. Perhaps they will only be faint pulses in the collective body of literature, of the world. But they are a part of that body. They are a part of the fight. They have to be. Otherwise, the bad guys win.

And this issue is full of fight.  

In hope,

Lucas (and Jad and Cortney)