Me, Michael and Ben, and Janet and Sandra and Lee

Fiction by Lucie Britsch

The support group was for people that had been “upset” by Michael Jackson, but not in the way you’d think.



Fictions by Andrew Wickenden

The host and the hostess don’t like to make a big deal, but their old friends always bring it up to their new friends,who, having never seen a bomb shelter before, have to—have to.

queendom's harvest

Fiction by Hannah Thurman

When they were children, they spent almost every summer day in there, playing an elaborate fantasy board game Harper had invented called Queendom's Harvest.



Comic by TJ Murray


lumbersexual hate-watches the bachelor

Comic by Colleen Kolba


Fiction by Nick Kocz

And so it was that Yennifer learned her parents were building a swimming pool in back of their house.


canticle in d-major


Non-fiction by Roberta Singer

Fiction by Sam Martone

The Al-Anon’s help-and-be-helped ontology is as unfathomable as the ontology of the chicken and the egg, but it’s a phenomenon that no doubt exists.

The whole subway car smells like soil. Fresh topsoil. There’s a gardeners’ convention in town. As part of a guerilla beautification project, they’re planting flowers in the D train.



Fictions by Kristina Marie Darling


 We both knew that the meaning of the word “gesture” in fine art is twofold:  there is the concept, but also, a physical record of the mind and its movement.