The gift

Fiction by Peter H.Z. Hsu

You were a nice kid. Dad babied you in a way that he didn’t with me. You wanted a kitten; he let you. Your favorite color was pink; no problem. 

Things to Do Around a Lookout

Comic by Charlotte Gross

mutants rule new new york

Fiction by Aaron Fox-Lerner

I was heading home with a human I caught for dinner when I ran into Vavar coming up the stairs to our apartment.

The Baby

Fiction by Susan Heeger

Before starting down the road to motherhood, Dana and June decided to adopt a dog. 

The Path to the Future

Fiction by Claire Polders

She gently rocks the man’s body and squeezes his nose. Nothing.          

How We Die

Non-fiction by Rena Lesué-Smithey

In seconds, the explosion’s expanding circumference, a squall of dust and radiation, would knock us over and disintegrate our flesh and bones. 

Dead Pan

Non-fiction by Mike Nagel

I worry about sun blisters. I sit there drinking whisky out of a clear plastic cup, my lips white as soap.


Fiction by Brandon Barrett

The guy was a personal friend of Rick’s, who’d arranged for us to meet in a diner and gave no instruction beyond “pull out all the stops.”